Astrodyne TDI (MA) Launches New Website, Catalog and eCommerce Solutions by Solidify Inc. for OEMs

Astrodyne Logo

March 17, 2016 - Today, Solidify Inc. launched a new website, Product Catalog and eCommerce solution for its long-standing client, Astrodyne TDI, a leading manufacturer of innovative power solutions for demanding applications worldwide, headquartered in Nashua, NH. Astrodyne TDI’s products include power supplies and EMI filters for industrial, semiconductor manufacturing, medical, consumer appliance, military, aerospace and many varied markets.

In recent years, Astrodyne TDI acquired numerous companies, each with their own unique branding. Solidify worked closely with Astrodyne TDI to create a unified online brand presence for the organization and an intuitive web experience for its customers across all brands. The new site features information architecture that creates a streamlined, user-friendly customer experience, driving users down the path to purchase. It also includes Solidify’s Product Catalog and eCommerce solutions, allowing visitors to seamlessly browse Astrodyne TDI’s vast array of products and submit online orders.

"We are excited to continue our long standing partnership with Solidify," said Joe DeLuca, Astrodyne TDI's Vice President and General Manager, Power and Controls. "Solidify helped us to bring our new corporate branding to life online and create a streamlined path to purchase for our customers. Initial customer feedback has been very positive."

The new site at is a powerful demonstration of the functionality and efficiency of Solidify’s website design capabilities and integrated eBusiness software solutions.

Highlights of launch include:

  • Sleek and functional branded website design
  • Seamlessly integrated website, Catalog and eCommerce Cart
  • Customized branding throughout all aspects of the site including product detail pages
  • Streamlined information architecture and strategically placed calls-to-action that effectively guide users down the path to purchase like “Other Customers Also Viewed” and “Recently Viewed” 
  • Catalog and eCommerce Cart that allows users to easily search, sort and filter through products using custom attributes and easily conduct credit card transactions directly from the site

 “We’re thrilled to continue building upon our partnership with Astrodyne TDI and honored to be entrusted with such a key part of their strategic growth,” said Solidify CEO Kevin Colletti. “This project is a great example of Solidify’s ability to create a truly integrated and customized online customer experience that takes the user seamlessly from attraction to transaction.”


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