Novus CPQ Podcast Series Interviews Solidify CEO Kevin Colletti
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Novus “CPQ Podcast” is a weekly series hosted by Frank Sohn from Novus CPQ Consulting. Each week Frank interviews CPQ leaders to discuss news, trends and unique insights in the world of configure-price-quote.   

In this interview, Frank speaks with Solidify’s CEO, Kevin Colletti who shares his first-hand knowledge of CPQ working with diverse B2B companies in the manufacturing industry.

Highlights of the podcast include:

  • How Kevin’s digital leadership experience at ING and digital agencies has helped him manage and grow Solidify’s team and offerings.
  • Industries that benefit from Solidify’s CPQ solution
  • Solidify’s company culture
  • The importance of integration partners
  • What B2B customers want most in a CPQ solution
Listen by clicking the play button below or visit the Novus CPQ Podcast website.

Solidify’s CPQ solution helps sales teams achieve more with a robust quoting solution built for B2B. Solidify's solution simplifies quoting complex parts and pricing, automates repetitive, time-consuming tasks and delivers professional, branded quotes error-free in minutes. 

You can learn more about Solidify’s CPQ solution here.


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