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Solidify Launches Programmable Power’s New Product Catalogs & eCommerce Solution Built for B2B

Programmable Power, a leader in programmable power products, recently launched its new online product catalogs and an eCommerce solution now powered by Solidify.

Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Programmable Power designs, manufactures and markets precision, AC and DC programmable power supplies, electronic loads, application specific power subsystems and compliance test solutions for customers requiring and valuing differentiated power products and services.

Programmable Power initially came to Solidify for help with replacing the company’s current online store that was developed using a B2C platform. Solidify’s team of engineers worked strategically with Programmable Power to ensure their new online solutions not only met but exceeded the shopping needs of their unique B2B customers. Solidify’s eCommerce platform incorporates familiarities of the B2C online shopping experience and makes them applicable to a business-minded buyer.

Highlights of the product catalog and eCommerce solution include:

  • Users can browse, compare and filter over thousands of parts in seconds using key product attributes B2B buyers are looking for
  • eCommerce functionality makes it easier for customers to select products, see pricing, generate a quote and purchase orders online
  • Customized pricing tiers, list prices, and discount schemes 
  • Advanced reporting and analytics track customer activities like recently viewed products and configurations as well as overall sales

Programmable Power is a business unit of AMETEK Electronic Instruments Group. 

AMETEK Inc. a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices.



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