Case Study

Haydon Kerk

Solidify’s eCatalog Solution Streamlines Selection, Testing and Purchase Cycle for Haydon Kerk.

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, Inc, a unit of AMETEK Precision Motion Control, designs and manufactures precision linear motion products, such as: stepper motor-based linear actuators; rotary motors; lead screw assemblies; linear rail systems; and sealed switches.  Their products are custom-manufactured to precise customer’ requirements based upon ‘test use’ of Haydon’s standard products. Using the new 24/7 BUSINESS eCatalog, standard products will now easily be parametrically selected.

Haydon Kerk chose 24/7 BUSINESSbecause it is engineer-friendly. Linear motion performance requirements are well-anticipated, while engineers are intuitively and accurately guided to select, evaluate, and test standard linear motion products that will address their unique linear motion control needs and ultimately lead to the purchase of Haydon Kerk’ products.

In choosing Solidify, Dan Montone, Marketing Director at Haydon Kerk said, “We chose the 24/7 BUSINESS solution because the software platform is well designed and optimized for technical and industrial products.  The Solidify solution also allows us the flexibility to further customize the eCatalog software platform as the company’s needs change over time.”

Solidify’s 24/7 BUSINESS eBusiness framework deploys eBusiness and engineering services centers of excellence exclusively for the complex component manufacturer. The Haydon Kerk eBusiness center is now online and dynamically serving and delighting existing and new customers, alike.

Haydon Kerk’s launch of their 24/7 BUSINESS solution yielded immediate results. Within 45 days of launch, Dan Montone, director of Marketing, reported:

“In just a few short weeks we have transacted close to 60 eCommerce sales using Solidify’s eBusiness solution, several of which were significant.  In addition, we have engaged with, and are quoting three major prospects that we had previously not been able to penetrate for many years.  These amazing results show that the Solidify application is an excellent addition to the Haydon Kerk marketing strategy.  Plus, the implementation process was very quick and smooth. Working with the Solidify development team was a great experience”.