B2B Website Services

Elevate the entire web experience.

The Benefits of the Solidify Services

With eBusiness experiencing exponential growth across B2B markets of all types, the lines between your website and your eBusiness portals are blurred. Customers expect a seamless online experience. Better engage them from the moment they land on your web page through checkout. Give them the synergistic web experience they deserve. Our team works with you from start to finish to evaluate your current site, determine your eBusiness needs and form an attack plan to get it all looking and feeling right.

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Strategic Planning –

Start with a solid strategy.

  • Evaluation of your objectives, needs and unique processes
  • Review of key audiences
  • Top-level competitive analysis and benchmarking
  • Strategic roadmap to outline “plan of attack”
  • Product mix and ‘tools’ personalized for your goals

Website Design –

Elevate your entire web experience.

  • Evaluation of your current website
  • Audience analysis
  • Engagement strategy development
  • Cohesive web experiences
  • Responsive design
  • SEO/SEM recommendations